AudioKit Pro has launched a new virtual instrument for iPhone and iPad in collaboration with Brian Funk.

VHS Synth is a lo-fi ’80s retro synth featuring samples that Brian recorded onto VHS tapes with an old VCR and then custom processed to deliver the warmth, noise, and inconsistencies of the VHS tape in each instrument.

VHS Synth features synths recorded with a VCR, then resampled. Perfect for synthwave, hip hop, indie, rock, ambient, soundtrack, lo-fi, and more.

Pure 1980s Synthesizer Glory! This app is made from various analog and digital synthesizers (including Dave Smith’s Prophet 6, The Moog Realistic Concertmate, Novation Bass Station, Korg Volca FM, and various digital synthesizers) recorded to a VCR!

Available as a standalone app and iOS AUv3 plugin, VHS Synth comes with over 250 presets to get you started. It features VCR sound effects (Buttons, Tape Hiss, More) and a VCR FX section to customize the sounds.

The instrument is currently on sale for the intro price of $3.99 USD (regular $9.99 USD), and a purchase includes a free Expansion Pack with the sounds of the OP-1 recorded with a VCR and re-sampled.

More information: AudioKit Pro