AudioKit Pro has released an update to the AudioKit Synth One, a free and open-source iOS synthesizer instrument. Version 1.1 comes with a color-coded microtonal keyboard.

AudioKit Synth One microtonal

Volunteer developer and microtonal researcher Marcus Hobbs, creator of the free scale tool Wilsonic, contributed the microtonal code and keyboard interface for Synth One.

Users can now explore non-western alternative scales using one of the 100+ included curated scales. And, musicians can import their own Scala (scl) files.

Key colors on the new keyboard match pitch wheel colors on the “Tune” panel for intuitive performance. For those that want to dive deeper, the full source code is also freely available.

Synth One version 1.1 is now available for both iPhone and iPad as a free download in the App Store. It requires iPhone 6 and above or, iPad 4 or above.

More information: AudioKit