Audiolatry has announced the release of a new virtual piano instrument plugin. The Upright Piano features the sounds of a sampled Kawai upright piano.

With its 2 velocity layers and its sharp and fuzzy sound, this plugin is ideal for simple dark and sad melodies, suitable for genres such as Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Chillout, Future Pop, etc.

Upright Piano sports an easy-to-use GUI. You will notice typical controls such as attack & release, global gain, also a simple reverb. The “Tremolo” section consists of an LFO section with LFO destination (pitch, expression, or pan), rate & depth. Underneath there’s a simple lowpass/highpass filter with cutoff.

If you’re wondering what’s that “Key” little knob, it simply sets the amount of noise for keys release.

Upright Piano is available as a “pay what you want” download in VST and VST3 plugin formats for 64-bit Windows, including free.

More information: Audiolatry