Audiolounge has announced the release of its new plugin bundle Rhodes Affair 3, featuring two virtual instruments that were newly created and programmed from scratch, using the original hardware from the ’70s and ’80s.

We took all the effort and liberation to program and sample the units with the best signal-path, for the best possible sound quality and playing experience.

Rhodes Affair 3 bundle contains two plugins. „Classic Blend“ which is a further development of „Rhodes Affair 2“ with all these classic sounds from that era, but with a much richer sound quality and versatility. „DI-Mark“ is a clean, raw capture of Michael Bannwart’s unique studio Rhodes with a dedicated pre-amp.

Rhodes Affair 3 collection is either available as a complete bundle or as separate instrument plugins. Rhodes Affair 2 and 3 are not the same instruments and use completely different samples.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats, the DI Mark and Classic Blend are priced 99 CHF each (~$108 USD), or bundled for 139 CHF (~$151 USD).

More information: Audiolounge