announces Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Effects Individual No-Brainer Deals

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes has announced a No-Brainer Deal on Nomad Factory Blue Tubes effect plug-ins for PC and Mac.

The Blue Effects Pack is a collection of 6 plug-ins processors for PC and Mac OSX. Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings. This bundle recreates the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The sound quality of Blue Effects pack is nothing short of amazing. Yet all 6 plug-ins provide a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing.

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes

  • Dual-Analog Chorus CH2S, creates various types of classic modulation effects, such as Leslie, Chorus, and Auto-pan. In addition, this effect provides the ultimate in control over LFO’s and panning, including waveform selection. Whether you need subtle enhancement or aggressive effects on a track, the CH2S has the power you need.
  • Analog Phaser APH2S, designed with all of the characteristics of a vintage analog phaser. The selectable 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-stage resonant analog filters enable this phaser to create various modulation effects. Various controls on the APH2S, such as Speed, Depth, Resonance, and Stage, all contribute to a wide range of phasing effects. Additionally, the Width control provides an adjustable stereo field and a Color control.
  • Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE2S, delivers the classic analog sound of a tape less oilcan echo/delay. This model adds “Color” to your music by providing various echo/delay styles from specific time periods, namely 1964, 1977, 1989, and 1995. These styles, along with the other various controls on the TLE2S, give you a wide range of time-based effects to add to your recordings.
  • Tempo Delays DL3D, a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound. No more trial-and-error in setting tempo-based delay times. Simply sync the tempo of the song, and select the note value corresponding to the desired delay time. This delay provides three separate channels. Using the Pan controls, you can pan all three delay channels to the center, or spread the channels out across the stereo field (left, center, right). Gain controls set the levels for each channel individually.
  • Stereo Imager ST2S, provides precise control over the width of the stereo field. This graphically striking device enables you to “visualize” the width of the stereo sound stage. Some stereo tracks may require special treatment in terms of stereo width. The Stereo Imager gives you a simple way to manipulate the spread of the stereo tracks while receiving visual feedback on your changes.
  • Analog Valve Driver ADR2S, delivers that authentic saturation effect found in many vintage tube amplifiers. Not only does this model provide a tube-like Overdrive effect, but also High Pass and Low Pass filters and a Noise Gate to enable greater control of your overdriven sound. If your clean tracks call for a powerful and warm overdrive, your answer is the ADR2S.

The Nomad Factory Blue Tubes plug-ins are available to purchase from for $15 USD each, or all 6 bundled for $50 USD.

More information: audioMIDI (website no longer available)

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Paul Whiting
Paul Whiting

Audio midi deal seems too good to be true. However, I recently bought the British Bundle for thirty bucks, a product that still sells for $299 elsewhere and I am not that impressed with the eq or the compressor/limiter. Very difficult to dial in exactly what you want. Many of the free plugs seem to work better and those from ‘Variety Of Sound’ blow them away. There is a reason these plugs are being sold at such slashed prices…………


I have to disagree with the comments of Mr Whiting. Variety of sound/Bootsy are possibly the best free plugins around but the Nomad British Bundle is still a top class set of plugs, especially the EQ. The British Bundle are not for surgery, they are for coloring and the EQ is supposedly VERY close in sound to Nomads version of the EMI mastering EQ’s. In fact,some say they are the same algorithms only using the bands of the Neve 1081. Audiomidi offer superb deals and it all depends on what you like and what you want. The VCS3,Steve Slate Drums,T-Racks… Read more »