Launches No-Brainer for SFX Machine Pro

0 has introduced its latest No-Brainer deal, offering SFX Machine Pro for Windows and Mac at a discounted price.

The Sound Guy SFX Machine ProCreate your own audio effects from scratch with The Sound Guy’s SFX Machine Pro.

SFX Machine Pro is like zillions of plug-ins in one. The advanced Preset Editor gives you direct access to the modular synthesis parameters that make up a preset. The Host Tempo Sync feature lets you match LFO frequencies and delay times to your sequencer’s tempo.

SFX Machine Pro supports VST and Audio Unit formats. SFX Machine Pro for RTAS supports Digidesign’s RTAS format for Pro Tools.

SFX Machine Pro is available from for just $20 USD (regular $149 USD).

More information: SFX Machine Pro No-Brainer

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