PreSonus Studio One Artist has announced a no-brainer deal for Studio One Artist, the music production software by PreSonus.

Studio One Artist is a music creation and production application that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box.

Studio One Artist features

  • Unlimited track count, inserts and sends.
  • 20 high quality native effects plug ins.
  • Amp Modeling (Ampire).
  • Delay (Beat Delay).
  • Distortion (Redlight Distortion).
  • Dynamic Processing (Channel Strip, Compressor, Limiter, Tricomp).
  • Equalizer (Channel Strip, Pro EQ).
  • Modulation (Autofilter, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, XTrem).
  • Reverbs (MixVerb, Room Reverb).
  • Utility (Binaural Pan, Mixtool, Phase Meter, Spectrum Meter, Tuner).
  • Over 4 GB of loops, samples, and instruments, featuring:.
  • Presence: Virtual Sample Player.
  • Impact: Virtual Drum Machine.
  • SampleOne: Virtual Sampler.
  • Mojito: Virtual Analog Modeled Subtractive Synthesizer.
  • Innovative and intuitive MIDI mapping.
  • Powerful drag and drop functionality for faster workflow.

Studio One Artist for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $30 USD from

Visit audioMIDI for more information.