iSyn and VirSyn have announced iSyn, a virtual music studio for the iPhone/iPod Touch. and VirSyn proudly present iSyn, a virtual music studio for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that puts an unbelievable number of features including two studio-quality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine in the palm of your hand! Play iSyn live with the onscreen keyboard or eight drum pads for fun live jam sessions or let iSyn do the playing for you with its grid sequencer for pattern-based music creation. iSyn can even play a beat and synth track while you jam over sequence tracks for a one-man iPhone band!

iSyn features

  • Touch keyboard for live playing.
  • Eight drum pads- tap for live beats.
  • Two synth and one drum grid sequencer track.
  • Two fully-programmable three-oscillator virtual analog synths.
  • 32 song projects, each with 32 independent patterns.
  • Incredible modulation effects using tilt and X/Y touch screen.
  • Eight sample-playback drum machines- including 808, 909, synth drums and classic 80’s drum machines.
  • Effects generator with delay, chorus, flanger and phaser.

iSyn will be available for purchase exclusively at the Apple iTunes Store for $4.99 USD.

Visit the iSyn website for more information.

Link via Synthtopia