Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on Audiomodern’s ModulARPS, a loop based Kontakt instrument library that comes with a collection of experimental Ambient sounds created by a unique modular setup from sound designer Adam Ritchie.

Inside this library you will find a vast array of sequence loops divided into folders Bass, Beats, Melodies, Textures, Drones, Rhythms and all designed to fit together perfectly. Expect the unexpected in this twisted library of modular goodness. Covering all styles from Ambient, experimental, New Age minimal to the most modern of technical productions, this pack guarantees to add depth, warmth and character to your next composition.

These unique library of modular loops is designed to work in a range of musical and sound design scenarios and contain a huge selection of highly original sounds that are guaranteed to bring life and character to any media production. A journey in textural sound design, an exploration into harmony and an experiment in groove. From sound textures to screaming modular leads, the inspiration on offer is endless. Don’t let this one pass you by, it will become an integral part of your sample arsenal!

ModulARPS is on sale for £16.95 GBP / $19 USD until September 3rd.

More information: Audiomodern ModulARPS