Audionamix has announced a brand new 4-stem version of XTRAX STEMS, now available exclusively to subscription members.

Membership includes access to exclusive benefits and free, regular updates to both the software and separation algorithms throughout the duration of the subscription.

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS

XTRAX STEMS is powered by advanced AI at supercharged GPU processing speeds. With a simple drag and drop, songs are automatically separated into four parts: vocals, drums, bass and remaining music. Songs can also be separated more efficiently based on specific needs, such as creating backing tracks, acapellas, or drumless tracks. The completely redesigned software features a sleek new user interface and a De-bleed slider to refine separations in real-time. XTRAX STEMS redefines music production, music education, DJing, remixing and mashup creation.

“With this release, we rebuilt XTRAX STEMS to offer creators a new platform for unmixing,” says Nicolas Cattaneo, deputy CEO of Audionamix. “Thanks to our new subscription model, we will continuously update the software. That includes improved deep learning algorithms, but also innovative features to unlock our users’ content and use new parts of it in brand new mixes.”

XTRAX STEMS runs in Windows 10 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15. Subscriptions are available for $40 USD per six-month period or $60 USD per year. Special subscription pricing is available via for owners of XTRAX STEMS 1 or 2.

More information: Audionamix