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AudioRealism technoBox2, updated groovebox for iOS


AudioRealism has announced technoBox2, the next version of technoBox adding many asked for features such as dual 303s and drum machines, export recordings of songs and SoundCloud integration.

AudioRealism technoBox2

A performance page has been added which allows access to the most commonly used controls on one page. The drum machines now allow you to load your own samples (via iTunes documents). technoBox2 runs on iPad and retina displays with crisp native resolution.

Featuring the same high quality audio engine as ABL2 which was painstakingly optimized to be able to run on mobile devices. For the uninitiated our audio engine has aliasing free oscillators and full range non-linear filters.

The drum section features 11 parts with 808 or 909 sounds (for a total of 22 sounds) with variable amount of shuffle per pattern, volume and decay per part. You can now load your own .wav and .aif samples into the drum machines via iTunes documents.

The newly redesigned FX panel now allows effects to be set on any or all of the four machines.

A performance page has been added which allows access to the most commonly used controls on one page.

technoBox2 features

  • Dual 303s and drum machines.
  • Improved song sequencing with Start/End and Loop markers.
  • Lock parameters to sequence bar.
  • Export recorded songs (as .wav) via iTunes.
  • Upload recorded song to SoundCloud directly and share.
  • Load your own .wav and .aif samples (uncompressed 44.1kHz 16-bit) into the drum machines (via iTunes).
  • Performance screen with the most accessed controls on one page.
  • Completely redesigned FX panel: You can now activate effects on any or all of the 4 machines.
  • Improved tempo synced phaser and distortion effects.
  • Global filter cutoff and per part decay added to the drum machines.
  • iPad and retina display native resolution support.
  • All technoBox1 features remain.

technoBox2 will be available soon at the iTunes App Store.

More information: AudioRealism

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