Audiority has announced the launch of its Summer Sale, offering discounts of up to 50% off on its audio effect plugins.

Audiority Summer Sale

Our annual Summer Sale is up and running! Until August 31st, you can save up to 50% on plugins.

The sale includes:

  • Green Reaper GR9 analog modeled vintage overdrive plugin.
  • PlexiTape Maestro Echoplex EP-3 vintage tape echo.
  • Heavy Pedal faithful analog modeled simulation of the BOSS HM-2.
  • LDC2 Compander analog modeled optical compressor and expander.
  • Pre X7 analog modeled preamplifier based on an iconic vintage tube unit primarily designed for bass guitar.
  • Distortion 1 analog modeled BOSS DS-1 distortion stompbox.
  • Blue Face classic BC108 silicon vintage fuzz pedal simulation.
  • Big Goat analog modeled Big Muff fuzzbox.
  • Tube Modulator collection of several tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effect circuits ranging from the late ‘50s tube bias tremolo to the late ‘60s psychedelic vibe pedals.
  • Echoes T7E mkII faithful recreation of the iconic Binson Echorec T7E vintage tube magnetic echo.
  • XenoVerb versatile reverb processor featuring both classic and creative reverb algorithms.
  • Deleight stereo multi tap delay processor based on late ’90s digital delays hardware processors.
  • GrainSpace granular processor focused on real-time granularization and reverberation of the incoming audio signal.
  • Harmonic Maximizer multi-band exciter and loudness shaping plugin.
  • Polaris echo/reverb plugin inspired by early hardware digital reverbs of the late 1970s.
  • TS-1 Transient Shaper multi-mode frequency dependent transient shaper.
  • Side Filter high pass filter focused on removing bass frequencies from the Side portion of a stereo mix.
  • The Abuser aggressive distortion effect ideal to give you a unique sound to your guitars, bass, synthesizers, drums and much more.
  • Pedalboard: Distortions bundle including Big Goat, Blue Face, Distortion 1, Green Reaper, and Heavy Pedal.
  • Effects Plugin Bundle including Big Goat, Blue Face, Deleight, Distortion 1, Echoes T7E mkII, GrainSpace v2, Green Reaper, Harmonic Maximizer, Heavy Pedal, LDC2 Compander, PlexiTape, Polaris Echo / Reverb, Pre X7, Side Filter, Solidus VS8100, The Abuser, TS-1 Transient Shaper, Tube Modulator, and XenoVerb.

The offer expires August 31st, 2020, and is available from Audiority and distributor Plugin Boutique.