AudioSpillage DrumSpillage

AudioSpillage has released version 1.1 of DrumSpillage, a high quality multi-faceted drum synth plug-in for Mac OS X.

Version 1.1 features improved automation support, choke groups, solo buttons, performance optimisations and many more enhancements.

Changes in DrumSpillage v1.1

  • Improved support for automation recording and editing.
  • Added choke groups (12 groups available).
  • Added solo buttons for each pad.
  • Pad selector in model editor now displays pad triggers in realtime.
  • Added copy/paste pad menu items in pad editor.
  • Added user preference to view MIDI note ranges as absolute MIDI values (0..127).
  • Pads can now transmit ‘velocity’ via a user preference.
  • Added user preference to set default pad note-on velocity.
  • Global velocity sensitivity on/off switch.
  • Velocity sensitivity can also be toggled on/off on a per pad basis.
  • Improved meter sensitivity and accuracy.
  • No longer supports Carbon GUIs (see minimum requirements for more info).
  • Significant code/memory optimisations improve real time performance.
  • Polyphony/voice allocator routines have been rewritten
  • Bug fixes.

DrumSpillage is available to purchase for a discounted price of £65 GBP / €79 EUR / $99 USD until 31 August, 2010 (regular price £99 GBP / €119 EUR / $159 USD).

More information: AudioSpillage