AudioSpillage DrumSpillage

AudioSpillage has released version 1.2 of DrumSpillage, a percussion synth plugin for Mac.

DrumSpillage is a pro-quality model based drum synthesis plugin for Mac OS X. DrumSpillage employs a diverse palette of technologies including elements of physical and analog modeling, additive, subtractive and FM synthesis techniques.

Changes in DrumSpillage v1.2

  • New Features:
    • New FM Percussion model (3 operator FM synth).
    • New FM Matrix model.
    • Export pad as AIFF/WAV/CAF feature.
    • Export entire kit as AIFF/WAV/CAF feature.
    • Pads can now be ‘frozen’ to conserve CPU usage.
    • Interactive pad randomization capabilities.
    • Trigger locks lock out parameter changes from automation data or GUI until the next pad trigger.
    • Parameter locks allow new pads to be loaded whilst retaining certain parameter settings (envelope, LFO, filter).
    • Modifier key for group solo/mute actions.
    • Improved support for mouse wheel gestures.
    • Improved fine grained control over parameters.
    • Pads now indicate incoming MIDI triggers.
  • Significant Changes:
    • New file extensions for kits (.dskt) and pads (.dspd).
    • DSP performance optimisations.
    • GUI performance optimisations.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Addresses a parameter synchronization issue in Numerology during project startup.
    • Addresses an issue resulting in keyboard events not being passed to the host correctly (e.g space bar).
    • Fixed a bug causing inaccurate mouse click actions on the pad selector grid.
    • Fixed a bug that failed to update pad names after loading a new pad.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Attack Override’ button to fail in the ElectroSnare model.
    • The ‘white’ and ‘pink’ noise sources in the ElectroHiHat model are now correctly labelled.

DrumSpillage is currently available to purchase at a 25% discount for £55 GBP / €69 EUR / $89 USD until 15 January, 2011 (regular price £75 GBP / €89 EUR / $119 USD).

More information: AudioSpillage / DrumSpillage