AudioTeknikk has updated its freeware Equilibre equalizer effect plug-in to version 0.9.

Equilibre uses double precision and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure. This is a very good sounding equalizer with minimal digital artifacts, firm bass and analog shaped curves for that airy nice high frequencies. It has a practical and intuitive GUI. Well suited for mixing and mastering.

AudioTeknikk Equilibre

AudioTeknikk Equilibre parametric equalizer effect

Changes in Equilibre v0.9

  • Changed GUI. Parameters have now individual readouts.
  • Fixed automation problem causing audio mute and crashes.
  • Small changes in the saturation algorithm.
  • Improved CPU consumption.

AudioTeknikk’s saturation filter and distortion plug-in GreenEugene was also updated. Version 1.20 now features controls for the output level and dry/wet signal.

The AudioTeknikk VST plugins for Windows are available to download at no cost.

More information: AudioTeknikk