VST Buzz has launched a sale on the 8bit Bundle by AudioThing, offering over half off on the bundle of two plugins that have been designed from the ground up to inspire new musical possibilities.

Extremely authentic sounding, the miniBit 8-bit/chiptune synthesizer and miniVerb echo reverb effect will bring the charm of old school retro-computing back to any DAW.

“miniBit & miniVerb” are a pair of extremely authentic sounding 8-bit / chiptune plugins that will instantly take you back to the days of retro-computers and classic gaming consoles.

Inject your music with sounds made famous by iconic consoles and retro computers from yesteryear, such as the NES and SNES, Sega Master System, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and more!

Inspired by the sound of classic game consoles and retro computers of the 80s and 90s, miniBit features a main oscillator with 18 waveforms paired with a sub oscillator (a square wave pitched one octave below). The waveforms are not bandlimited and will produce aliasing.

Furthermore, using the built-in bitcrusher, you can create even more noisy and retro sounds. The new version also features a synced 8 Steps Stepper/Sequencer with multiple destinations.

miniVerb recreates that classic digital echo/reverb sound, made famous by iconic consoles such as the NES and SNES, topping it with 2 filters (post/pre), vibrato, and crusher (bit crusher, downsampler, pitch shifter).

Early consoles didn’t have much power for DSP effects, so the video game composers at that time had to improvise. The most common way to add a sense of space/reverb to the sound was to sacrifice one of the internal tracks to play a delayed version of the original sound, essentially using a slapback echo to add depth.

The technique evolved and eventually, consoles started to take advantage of more power for real internal effects.

The bundle is on sale for only 15 EUR until April 7th, 2020 (regular 36 EUR). Prices ex. VAT where applicable. Both plugins run on Windows and Mac with VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

More information: VST Buzz