Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the AudioThing Kontakt Bundle, offering over 60% off regular on the collection of 26 meticulously sampled Kontakt instruments, featuring a unique blend of sounds.

AudioThing KontaktBundle Sale

The complete and diverse range of Kontakt Instruments from AudioThing. Featuring Synths, Percussion, Strings, Keys and more!

The bundle includes:

  • Tuned Percussions/Mallets: Frame Drums, Toy Marimba, Bells, Wood, Pipes, Glass, Pong Glockenspiel, Tank Drum.
  • Synths: GAK150, EKR490, Satellite, SX1500, Tapestation, TX101.
  • Strings: Bowed Harp, Strings.
  • Sound Design: Soundscapes Vol.1, Soundscapes Vol.2, ChromaKey, Milkshake.
  • Keys/Specials: Organetta, Magical Toy Keyboard, Toy Piano, Xmas Beer Bottles, Halloween Pumpkins, Toy Bars.

The bundle is on sale for $99 USD / 99 EUR until February 3rd, 2020.

More information: AudioThing