AudioThing has announced Pong Glockenspiel, a sample-based instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

AudioThing Pong Glockenspiel

Why use sticks when you can use ping pong balls?

Pong Glockenspiel is a VST/AU sample-based plugin made by recording a toy glockenspiel played with ping pong balls.

Two velocity layers (hard and soft) are cross faded to have a smooth transition while the 3 round robin (repetitions samples) avoid the “machine gun” effect of sampled instruments.

There are also included two ambient instruments, two synth pad instruments and two slowed down instruments crafted using the original samples.

Pong Glockenspiel for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 8 EUR.

More information: AudioThing / Pong Glockenspiel