AudioThing has announced an update to the Outer Space plugin emulation of a classic tape echo from the 70s, the Space Echo RE-201 by Roland.

Version 1.3 includes a new Bright reverb type, internal support for left-hand mouse users, and more.

As the original unit, Outer Space features a tape echo section with three playback heads and two spring reverb tanks. We have modelled three different tape frequency responses and saturations, along with all the analog imperfections of tape recording/playback.

We have also modelled the ballistic response of the delay rate (repeat rate) which can create eerie pitch shifts (due to the Doppler effect), one of the classic tape echo-based sound effects.

Changes in Outer Space v1.3

  • Added: New Reverb Type: Bright
  • Added: Internal support for left-hand mouse users
  • Improved: macOS CPU usage
  • Fixed: Rare crash on Windows systems when upgrading from older versions
  • Fixed: Global settings not saving properly
  • Improved: Reduced bright reverb Pre-Delay (v1.3.1)
  • Fixed: Noise not working as previous versions (v1.3.1)

The plugin is offered at a 35% discount, priced 44.85 USD/EUR at AudioThing and distributor Plugin Boutique until August 31st, 2020 (regular 69 USD/EUR).