Audiovapor Wavelengths Vol 1

Audiovapor has announced the release of its Wavelengths Volume 1 expansion pack for the Android Caustic 2 app.

Wavelengths V1 is an expansion pack for the Caustic 2 app. A custom modular synthesizer was used to create these 30 original Caustic PCMsynth presets.

Included are 30 presets, all carefully multi-sampled direct from the hardware. Expand your sonic palate with these unique bass, lead, key, pad, SFX and percussion sounds!

Don’t forget to download the free version of Wavelengths V1, it has additional PCMsynth presets.

The soundset is available in the Google Play store, priced at $0.99 USD.

More information: Audiovapor / Wavelengths Volume 1