AudioWarrior Studio Tron Plugin

AudioWarrior has released Studio Tron Plugin, a sampled instrument plug-in featuring the sounds of the Mellotron.

The original 8 second tape samples have been dehissed, mastered, perfectly looped, and expertly programmed for the modern world, however, the loops may be turned off to recapture the vintage effect of certain voices ending at variable times.

Studio Tron Plugin features

  • 8 MIDI Learn FX knobs that can be instantly mapped to any keyboard’s programmable knobs or faders.
  • Import/export banks and programs.
  • Linear or Circular knob controls preferences.
  • Output to your choice of up to 4 mono, 4 stereo, or 5.1.
  • Multi FX.
  • Layer up to 16 TRON sounds simultaneously.
  • Control up to 16 MIDI channels.
  • Individual Volumes and Pans per channel.
  • Expandable for additional instruments and sounds.

Studio Tron Plugin is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/ReWire/Standalone) and costs $49 USD.

Visit AudioWarrior for more information and audio demos.