Audio Watermarking Tools 2 has announced the release of Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2), a set of shareware utilities for embedding (and retrieving) digital watermarks within audio files.

AWT2 watermarks are inaudible and highly robust, surviving low bitrate transcoding with lossy coders, mixing, effect processing, acoustic coupling (transducing via air) and time stretching. Check examples section.

AWT2 offers unprecedentedly high watermarking data rate up to 125 bps (i.e. more than 16 bytes in one second of audio); watermark payloads up to 120 bytes long are supported.

AWT2 protects your rights by ensuring that your watermark is detectable (only by you!) in any copy of your audio materials transmitted or broadcasted anywhere.

Audio Watermarking Tools 2 is available to purchase, starting at 69 EUR (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux console and GUI utilities are included in the package).

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