Aurchitect Audio Software has launched a new real-time audio analysis suite for macOS.

Aura combines beauty and utility, accuracy and versatility, so you can see what you can’t hear.

Aurchitect Audio Aura

Aura is a customized AUv3 host that contains a suite of metering plug-ins. The meters can be used in the app for monitoring hardware inputs directly, or the suite of plug-ins can be used in an AUv3 host DAW.

Each meter is completely customizable, resizable, and designed to be unflinchingly accurate. The meters support all modern metering standards, and can display multiple types of “traces” in the same meter.

Aura features

  • Spectral: Magnitude, Magnitude Difference, Phase Difference, Coherence.
  • Needle: VU, BBC, and LU modes.
  • Bar: Magnitude, Peak, LU.
  • History: Correlation, Leq, Level, Loudness, Power Difference, Spectrogram, Waveform.

Aura is available for $129 USD. Users of Aurchitect’s Spectre can get 20% off at the time of purchase. Aura is also available with a 15-day trial.

More information: Aurchitect Audio Software