Austrian Audio has announced availability of release candidate (v1.0.7) of PolarDesigner, a plugin that offers polar pattern control.

The free and open source PolarDesigner plugin was first demonstrated at Prolight + Sound in April.

Simply download the installers, mess about with the plugin across dual cardioid recordings (or anything really), and please report to us as to what you find. Be sure to use it on stereo tracks to make a mono polar pattern on the output.

Help us make this resource stronger! The email address for reporting or sharing cool jams is on the website.

Although coded specifically for the handcrafted tone of the mighty #OC818 microphone you can use it with any dual output microphone or recorded signal. Have fun & experiment!

The plugin is currently available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac. AAX will be available in a few weeks.

More information: Austrian Audio