Autodafe has launched new REDs Modules for the free VCV Rack modular synthesizer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Autodafe REDs for VCV Rack

REDs offers a collection of VCOs and drum sound generators.

REDs features

  • S[Q]UARE single VCO which outputs a square.
  • CO[S]INE single VCO which outputs cosine waves.
  • TRES[AM]IGOS triple oscillator VCO using AM (amplitude modulation) techniques.
  • [FM]ERIDES VCO using FM (frequency modulation) techniques.
  • [K]ICK kick drum generator.
  • [S]NARE snare drum generator.
  • [H]ATS hi-hats generator.

REDs is available for purchase for 5 EUR. A free version is also available (does not include [FM]ERIDES and [S]NARE).

More information: Autodafe / REDs for VCV Rack