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Autodafe releases REDs Modules for VCV Rack


Autodafe has launched new REDs Modules for the free VCV Rack modular synthesizer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Autodafe REDs for VCV Rack

REDs offers a collection of VCOs and drum sound generators.

REDs features

  • S[Q]UARE single VCO which outputs a square.
  • CO[S]INE single VCO which outputs cosine waves.
  • TRES[AM]IGOS triple oscillator VCO using AM (amplitude modulation) techniques.
  • [FM]ERIDES VCO using FM (frequency modulation) techniques.
  • [K]ICK kick drum generator.
  • [S]NARE snare drum generator.
  • [H]ATS hi-hats generator.

REDs is available for purchase for 5 EUR. A free version is also available (does not include [FM]ERIDES and [S]NARE).

More information: Autodafe / REDs for VCV Rack

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