United Plugins has released Autoformer, a plugin that combines an analog-style pre-amp with an automatic volume function and compressor.

Autoformer is the perfect tool for coloring, polishing and finishing your tracks.

United Plugins Autoformer

Some performances are almost perfect. Almost. The desired perfection can be achieved by using Autoformer. A tool that can act almost inaudibly as well as it can add great colour to your tracks.

Autoformer combines an analogue like pre-amp with automatic volume function and a gentle compressor. It is the right tool for your vocals or voice-overs. Improves drummers or bass-players performances.

Autoformer is on sale for the intro price of only £25 GBP / $33 USD from Plugin Boutique (regular $99 USD).

The offer expires April 6th, 2020.

More information: United Plugins