Avid has announced the availability of version 5.3 of the VENUE Software, delivering significant enhancements to the VENUE | S6L live sound system.

Enhancements including 128 track Pro Tools recording and MADI support delivers greater flexibility and efficiency for live sound engineers.

Delivering on some of the most requested features, significant enhancements in the VENUE 5.3 software update include, 128 track Avid Pro Tools® recording and playback over Ethernet AVB, multiple user-definable fader layouts, Matrix Spill, support for the new MADI-192 MADI Option Card, and more.

VENUE 5.3 software gives engineers the ability to record and playback up to 128 tracks to and from Pro Tools over Ethernet AVB with no separate interface required, providing live sound engineers with the most powerful and streamlined way to record and playback performances for archiving and performing Virtual Soundchecks.

VENUE 5.3 expands S6L’s user-definable fader layouts feature, enabling users to create and recall up to 24 custom fader layouts directly from the control surface. Engineers can assign inputs, outputs, VCAs, and groups to any fader and instantly recall them with the push of a button, allowing the creation of custom layouts for all key workflows to keep the most critical channels at their fingertips for maximum flexibility. Another powerful control surface enhancement in VENUE 5.3 is Matrix Spill, which provides quick control of the members of each matrix using the faders.

VENUE 5.3 also supports the new MADI-192 MADI Option Card that offers bi-directional MADI connectivity to a host of industry devices, including Waves SoundGrid systems. Engineers can now run their favorite Wave plug-ins alongside VENUE | S6L’s onboard AAX DSP plug-ins for unmatched sound processing power and flexibility.

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