AZ Audio PolyGrid

AZ Audio has released PolyGrid, a free MIDI editor and pattern sequencer for Windows PC.

PolyGrid features

  • 64 patterns, variable pattern length (in beats count).
  • User-defined grid frequency.
  • User-defined editor snapping value.
  • Midi recording with optional input event quantizer.
  • Midi channel and status input filter.
  • Most of the real time midi events handled (not poly AT).
  • Various playback modes (loop, sequential, triggers).
  • Pattern import/export (not midifile).
  • Undo/redo history, action repeater.
  • Editable midi event list.
  • Solo CC output, making midi learning easyer.
  • Notes operations: constrain to scale, chords, quantizing, transform.
  • Events operations: smooth, quantize, transform.
  • 48 ticks per beat.
  • Each pattern owns its settings (grid frequency, quantizer value, midi filter, etc).
  • Resizable user interface.

Polygrid is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit AZ Audio for more information.