AZ Audio Ultra Trigger FX

AZ Audio has released new versions of Ultra Trigger FX, the multi-effect VST plugin designed for real time or live audio work.

The original Ultra Trigger FX has split into Free, Basic, and Pro versions.

The Free version is basically the same as the Basic version (the original version), but it lacks some MIDI functionality and will be limited to the 8 FX featured in the original version. The two benches of buttons are automated with some predefined MIDI keys and values can only be edited in the included ini file.

Ultra Trigger FX Pro (still in development) will introduce FX dynamism. The FX can be added and removed in any of the 8 FX slots in real-time.

Changes in Ultra Trigger FX Pro

  • Drag FX from a list.
  • FX dynamism, add, delete and replace from a preset to another, in runtime.
  • FX chaining, from 0 to 7 (e.g : stereo in -> decimator – > RT slicer).
  • Buttons highlighting, in respect with the legato retrigger mode and with MIDI messages.
  • New FX: Doppler, Multitaps (delay), Clorus (chorus), PitchAccum (granular pitch shifter), FreqAccum (FFT based frequency shifter, DynFm1/DynFm2 (simple FM osc), Reverse, OverGrain (granulator), Granushift (delay-based pitch shifter), LP4Sinsat/LP4varsat (LP 4 poles filters with saturation).
  • Classic FX mode, SV pads won’t automate the mix fader.
  • Compatibility mode, the plug-in will detect v1.1 mode (8 FX).

Ultra Trigger FX Pro pricing is TBA (Ultra Trigger FX Basic remains 10 EUR).

Visit AZ Audio for more information.