AZ Audio Ultra Trigger FX

AZ Audio has released version 1.132 of Ultra Trigger FX, a VST plug-in particularly designed for real time or live audio performances.

Changes in v1.132

  • New: Small/Big view is a vstparameter (recalled by host).
  • New: Color is a vstparameter, it still can be randomized and reset in popup menu.
  • New: Reverse mode added to RT slicer variator: if variator > 4 then slices are randomly reversed.
  • Changed: Removed lfo phase reset when releasing gui button.
  • Changed: Glifting ramp use a catmull interpolation, almost the same as previously.
  • Changed: Better delay module in the glifter and in the flanger.
  • Changed: Really better sounding AP filters chain in the phaser.
  • Changed: Max samplerate supported is lowered to 192k (memory used by the plugin was over 100 megs before !).
  • Changed: Info bar look / some details on the UI objects.
  • Changed: Optimized damping filters, serious perf gain for the tricombs (6 filters) and the delay (4 filters).
  • Fixed: Various small bugs.

Visit AZ Audio for more information and a link to download the demo of Ultra Trigger FX.