TheSynthFactory has announced the release of a free virtual analog & wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Azimuth is designed to let you quickly dial in the sound you need with a flexible layout which allows quick editing with simple changes on the fly.

Combine VA (Virtual Analog) Synthesis with WT (Wavetable) running through various user controlled LFO and Envelopes, finally hitting the Master FX section for enlighting results.

The XYPad lets you have your own unique twist by blending between sounds and even letting you record your own inputs & playing this back at your host tempo. Simple in design, but powerful by sound!

Azimuth features

  • 6-voice VA/WT synth.
  • XY pad for flexible sound design.
  • 4 master FX: Phaser, 3-point EQ, convolution reverb & delay.
  • Multi-mode filters & LFOs.
  • 8 Unison engine per voice.
  • Clear and clean layout.

The synth is available to download in VST3 and AU plugin formats.

More information: TheSynthFactory