B. Serrano Adonis Pro

B. Serrano has released Adonis Pro, an advanced donationware version of Adonis, the freeware hybrid VA / AM / FM synthesizer.

Adonis Pro features (in addition to Adonis features)

  • Graphical amplitude envelope up to 8 stages.
  • 3 edition mode (envelope): Normal for fast moving stage, High and Ultra for very slow moving. (useful for pitch modulating).
  • Analog drift, simulate components heat / instability. (useful for oldschool sounds or weirds Fx).
  • Polyphony On Demand!
  • 2 multimodes filters (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak).
  • On / Off switch to save some CPU if not using filter(s).
  • Phaser/flanger: LFO shape.
  • Delay: Time mode.
  • 4 separates outputs for Voice 1 & 2, filter 1 & 2. (outputs are dry, useful for adding external effects and making the sound more powerful).

Adonis Pro is available as a VST instrument for Windows and is donationware.

Visit B. Serrano for more information, and mp3 demos.