B. Serrano has announced the release of Dionysos EX, an extended version of the Dionysos synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

B. Serrano Dionysos EX

The Dionysos EX features substractive, FM and additive synthesis.

Dionysos EX features

  • All features of Dionysos.
  • More modulations by 2 more matrices:
    • Envelopes, velocity, aftertouch and mod-wheel can modulate the 4 LFOs’ depth and speed and filter’s resonance.
    • The 4 LFO and steps controllers can modulate mixer’s volume and pan.
  • Envelopes and LFOs got a level slider you can assign to a MIDI controller.
  • The 4 LFOs got more waveforms + pulse width knob.
  • You can specify the polyphony you want by a simple request, at any time.

Dionysos EX is available as donationware for Windows (VST).

More information: B. Serrano