Baby Audio has announced the release of I Heart NY, a new effect plugin that offers true ‘New York style’ parallel compression with an addictively punchy flavor.

‘I Heart NY’ creates a copy of the incoming audio signal – hosted within the plugin – and lets you spank it hard before mixing it in. This replicates a true parallel compression workflow, but with the ease of avoiding complicated routing.

The ‘SPANK’ knob controls an adaptive algorithm with a unique sonic character. It can range from a subtle punch to ‘spanking galore’, depending on your taste. And sanity…

Baby Audio I Heart NY

I Heart NY features

  • Parallel bus ‘hosted’ within the plugin for an easy workflow.
  • Unique compression algorithm with ‘smack’ and ‘punch’.
  • Works as a regular compressor in ‘SOLO’ mode.
  • Mac and PC, VST, VST3, AU and AAX supported.

The plugin is available for $29 USD.

More information: Baby Audio