Baby Audio has announced that its recent parallel compressor IHNY-2 is now available on Splice’s Rent-To-Own platform.

This means you can get one of the hardest hitting compressors in the industry for the price of $4.99 per month – for 14 months. It’s like an extra cappuccino each month, except this one has triple-shot strength and will make your drums slap harder than ever!

What we like about Splice’s RTO model is that you actually get to own the plugin in the end. So it’s not like a subscription that ties you in with no end-date – and leaves you with nothing when it’s over. And if you decide IHNY-2 is not for you, you can of course cancel anytime.

We think the RTO model is probably the most fair way to get plugins at a low monthly cost, and our users have been asking us for such an option. So we’re beyond excited to have joined forces with Splice. With a bit of luck more of our products will launch there soon as well. Grab IHNY-2 now to get your mixes hitting harder!

Splice users can try IHNY-2 for free for 3 days.

More information: Splice