Unidentified Sound Object has announced the release of Back and Forth, a new collection of sound effects designed to add real scratch and turntable performances to your musical and audiovisual projects.

USO Back and Forth

The library contains 400 samples recorded entirely in the studio only with real vinyls, plus a unique Ableton Live Instrument: the Scratch Machine.

It’s a magical sample-based scratch improvisator that combines many different scratch combos with criteria. With the ability to choose six different classic samples (THA, FRESH, TWAI, AYE, YE, YO), the Scratch Machine adds a timeless and authentic turntablist to any type of production, from the most old school Breakbeat, to the freshest Trap Vibe. Now you can easily add some real-sounding scratch sfx to your musical productions with a Max for Live device that simulates a realistic freestyle by a DJ.

But wait, there’s more: THE QnA LOOPER – VOL.1 is included in the package and it’s free! It’s a new way of thinking the scratch looper. Now you can easily improve your dj skills using just this Max/MSP standalone application (for Mac and PC) and practice on 18 different beats with an automated scratch engine! With 900 sample-based answers, the QnA Looper makes easier and smarter your training sessions.

The complete library costs $69 USD. A samples only pack is $49 USD and the Scratch Machine Max for Live device is available separately for $29 USD. Use coupon code bf2020 at the checkout to get 25% off on this and other libraries until November 30th.

A free sampler pack and QnA Looper are available to download at no charge.

More information: Unidentified Sound Object