Back In Time Records Ethnotronic VST

Back In Time Records has released Ethnotronics, an acoustic, electric and electronic world instruments sample library plus percussion collection, powered by the Wusik engine.

Ethnotronic features

  • Acoustic instrument multisamples, in-depth (length, mapping), several tone colors
  • Dynamics and performance variations, various playing positions, overblow effects (wind instruments)
  • Separate instrument details: flageolet, slides, noise, tongue techniques (wind instruments), hit position (percussions) and special sound effects (rooms, hits, strums, plucks) and pure attack noise section (blow, pluck, etc.)
  • Electrified string instrument multisamples (w/Pickup System)
  • Physical Modeling and synthetic (analog, FM) instrument multisamples
  • Various Percussion instruments and hit variations (dynamics, position)
  • SynthPad and SynthLayer multisamples for acoustic/electronic instrument mix purposes

Ehtnotronic is available in 3 different versions: Ethnotronics (1.2GB), Ethnotronics Pro (2.5GB) and Ethnotronics Pro XL (4.9GB).

Ethnotronic (download version) costs 79 EUR, 129 EUR for the Pro (more instruments) and 198 EUR for the Pro XL version (with even more instruments). Optionally you can order Ethnotronic on DVD.

Visit Back In Time Records for more information.