BAE Audio has announced it is shipping its PDI, a brand new, passive direct injection box. This unique DI utilizes a brand new transformer design to lend any signal passed through it a pleasingly warm analog richness.


“At BAE Audio we are all too familiar with the magic that a high-quality transformer can bring to an audio signal,” says BAE Audio CEO Mark Loughman. “Many DI boxes on the market will make your direct signal sound a bit sterile, but the PDI gives you a mix-ready sound for guitar, bass, keyboards, or just about any other instrument. Whether you choose that sound in the mix as-is, or route it to outboard gear or amplifiers for additional manipulation, the PDI is a great tool for adding life to your direct sources.”

The PDI — which is priced economically for both project studios as well as professional musicians — features Neutrik connectors, including a quarter-inch input and low-impedance XLR output one side, with dual audio through outputs on the reverse side. This allows unique routing configurations, like sending a guitar signal both via the Lo-Z output to a console as well as via the dual Hi-Z through outputs to two separate amplifiers. A ground lift switch helps tame any ground loop issues on the fly.

The PDI’s new transformer design is a key component to its remarkably musical sonic signature, and new the DI box features a similar timeless circuit design that is present in its other vintage rack gear found in top studios around the world. Warmth and clarity in the high end and ear-pleasing harmonics from the low end are some of the characteristics of the PDI’s transformer that help make this little box an indispensable piece of the studio puzzle.

Hand-assembled in California like all BAE Audio products, the PDI features a gold-plated PCB and 100% through-hole components for maximum signal integrity. Recessed switches and connectors combine with a rugged steel chassis to help it stand up to the beating of daily studio or stage use. For even further assurance, BAE Audio backs the PDI with a one-year warranty and its industry-wide reputation for excellence.

The PDI is available now from authorized BAE Audio dealers, priced at $120 USD.

More information: BAE Audio