Balance Mastering has announced the release of a new equalizer effect plugin that allows you to ‘spread’ or ‘focus’ selected frequency regions.

The Balance Spread Focus EQ offers a brand new EQ shape for simultaneous correction/enhancement.

Balance Mastering Spread Focus EQ

Our secret weapon in the mastering studio for some time and now we are releasing to the public.

SpreadFocus is an EQ that corrects and enhances at the same time. The effect is a pleasing and highly musical shape that is not just novel but incredibly useful. Finding that professional sound takes half the time and is twice as intuitive.

Push the gain positive and hear how an overly prominent frequency region ‘spreads’ its energy into the neighbouring regions.

Pull the gain negative and hear how a soft or flat sounding region ‘focusses’ its energy, drawing from the neighbouring regions.

Spread Focus EQ features

  • ‘Spread’ an overly prominent sound into the surrounding frequencies.
  • ‘Focus’ a sound by gathering surrounding frequencies, bringing it into focus.
  • Same true analogue phase behaviour as Magpha EQ.
  • Extremely accurate match of analogue prototype curves in magnitude and phase.
  • Low latency performance.
  • Windows VST/AAX, Mac VST/AAX/AU and Linux VST version available.
  • Minimal, zero-eye-candy interface reinforces the use-your-ears approach.
  • Stepped controls, carefully chosen to aid comparisons and guide decision making.
  • Large or small user interface selectable.
  • 4 spread/focus filter bands.

The Balance Spread Focus EQ is on sale for £60 GBP until August 16th, 2018 (regular £80 GBP). A free demo version is available for download.

More information: Balance Mastering