BandLab, the world’s first free multi-platform (Web, iOS and Android) digital audio workstation (DAW), has just announced the release of three new enhancements to its service, all of which will assist in making collaborations between musicians (and fans) even easier.

BandLab Tree View

Enhanced Tree View—The first of these enhancements is to the Tree View, which enables users to keep track of every revision they’ve made to their songs. These can all now be navigated and played on a single page. So users can keep track of every version of their song—without ever losing any of them! They might also discover a hidden gem in take 3 that they’d completely forgotten about by take 14!

Band Management Made Easy—There’s probably many a road-weary Band Manager who wishes real bands were this easy to look after! Because in BandLab, there are now three simple levels to running the bands that users create within the program: Owner, Administrator or Member.

Band Owners can now add and remove band members, appoint Administrators and even delete band projects or the band itself. They can also edit the band profile and accept requests from people to join the band. Administrators enjoy the same privileges, but cannot delete the band. Band Members can create new projects, edit songs or revise their profile and publish or unpublish their own song revisions. So even in the case of the dreaded “musical differences”, bands can be easy to look after on BandLab.

Share Music in Chat—To make it easy for musicians and fans to share music they’ve made, music they love, or music that simply inspires them, BandLab now offers an embedded music player in their native chat platform. This can play any song on BandLab that’s been made public by its creator. So now it’s easier than ever to share the tunes you love, or even ask a potential collaborator to add their own magic to a particular track.

“Collaboration is a key part of the BandLab offering” says Meng Ru Kuok, CEO and Co-Founder of BandLab, “After all, the whole principle of being what we call a “social musician” is this ability to work together and share ideas. The enhancements we’ve made in the past few weeks make it easier for people to work together in bands, to keep track of their music, and also to share the music they love. The new Tree View is also a highly engaging way for fans to get an insight into the whole process of making music.”

All three collaboration tools are now available for BandLab users in iOS, Android and on the web.

More information: BandLab