BangBox EDM Battle Drums

BangBox has released EDM Battle Drums, a collection of drum and bass kits.

A speaker tearing, rock solid array of warrior audio, perfect for live beat battles and dark edged EDM production. 18 Kits of maraudering drums and bass, processed with warmth and grit while retaining a superior sheen to the sounds.

Whatever your battle style – hip hop, breaks, trap, drum and bass or an experimental mix of all… These kits are guaranteed to set you apart from the common battler and provide all you need to rock the crowd and annihilate your opposition.

From big banging kicks and speaker knocking snares, warm sub basses to tight percussion and interesting one shots, this unique selection of audio has been expertly divided into hard edged groove kits, each with their own character sound.

The live version features all 18 kits arranged as drum racks, each with full auxillary fx and envelope control mapping.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters starting at £9.95 GBP.

More information: BangBox / EDM Battle Drums