Bardstown Audio Fender Basses

Bardstown Audio has released Fender Basses, a sample library featuring the sounds of Fender Precision and Fender Jazz basses.

These beautiful Fender Basses were setup with both Round Wound and Flat Wound strings for the sample recordings process and extensively sample recorded with both of these string setups with different pickup setting combinations in order to provide ALL of the essential sounds that can be obtained from these instruments.

Fender Basses features

  • 9 sampled Fender Bass instruments (4 Fender Precision basses, 5 Fender Jazz basses).
  • 3.77 GB samples, recorded at 24 bit 96k through the DI inputs of Avalon M5’s and Benchmark 2496 A/D converters in order to provide the very highest sound quality.
  • Giga 3&4, EXS24, Kontakt and HALion, all included on DVD.

Fender Basses is available for $199 USD.

Visit Bardstown Audio for more information and audio demos.