Bassboss has announced it has officially launched the latest version of its website, boasting a slew of intuitive tools designed to help users build their own custom setups specific to their audio needs, develop quotes and compare products, and choose from pre-built systems.

Additionally, all product pages, including the new tools, will feature a Spanish language option.

Bassboss production builder

“Our mobile DJ customers have very different specific concerns than our venue customers or our larger pro-audio production customers,” said Lian Amber, BASSBOSS CEO. “The new site provides very quick overviews of the product’s strengths by user type on the category pages with the intent of speeding up the process of determining the best loudspeaker for each individual user’s needs.”

Under the newly configured “Recommend” section of the BASSBOSS site, users looking for a smaller mobile system can create their own using the highly advanced Guided Monitor System Builder tool. By answering a few simple questions, such as “what’s your priority?” and “what kind of music will you play?,” the site guides users toward the ideal subwoofer for their application. This function also lets users choose which MicroMains and cable bundles are right for them before totaling up their quote on the spot.

“We wanted to offer tools that could provide users with simple ways of building out quotes, whether for individual products or integrated systems,” Amber said. “With a variety of guided and self-service quoting options, we’ve now developed tools to assist users in choosing the best BASSBOSS products for their needs. That said, we still encourage people to reach out to us for more information, for support and for personalized recommendations.”

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