Reason Studios has announced the release of a new MIDI Player that promises to deliver new basslines fast. Born over discussions with frustrated producers, Bassline Generator is a tool focused exclusively on generating basslines, allowing you to mix, match, and modulate tailor-made phrases and find the perfect low-end groove for anything from Techno and House to Neo Soul and Hip Hop.

“We often talk to music makers that say they’re struggling with getting the bassline right. They have many other ideas for a great song but get stuck staring into the sequencer or repeating old patterns when it’s time for bass. That’s why we set out to create a fun and intuitive Player that takes you in a new direction—fast,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios.

Bassline Generator is a new Player for getting to new basslines as quickly as possible. It has an inspiring interface that allows producers to start creating with just a few, simple parameters. However, the user is always in full control and can mix, match, and modulate to find the perfect pattern.

“At first glance it seems easy, and that’s just the point. We want to get producers in the creative zone as quick as possible to create great basslines. Once there, it’s fine to go down the rabbit hole, tweaking the sequence in great detail to make it sound like you,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

Bassline Generator is the first big launch since Reason 12 released in September earlier this year. It comes with 100+ patches, including Player patches, Combinators, and even other device patches with ready-to-go bass sounds.

“I think this player is a perfect match for anyone producing Techno, House, EDM, or Hip Hop but our users always find new and creative ways of using our devices, so I’m excited to hear all kinds of music with great new basslines,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

Bassline Generator features

  • Create basslines by mixing, matching, and modulating built-in patterns.
  • Edit and tweak the results in the note display.
  • Randomize function for fresh, unexpected results.
  • Trigger and transpose basslines from your MIDI keyboard.
  • Eight pattern memories for variations.
  • CV inputs and outputs connect to other devices in the Reason rack.
  • 120+ patches included.

Bassline Generator is available for Reason+ users or as a separate purchase through Reason Studios add-on shop, priced $69 USD / 74 EUR.

More information: Reason Studios