BBE has released the studio tracks, including the a cappellas from DJ Vadim‘s “Soundcatcher” album under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

DJ Vadim - The Soundcatcher

You are free to download the samples, create new remixes, create an account at ccMixter and upload your remix. BBE will be collecting the best remixes and playing on them on the BBE radio shows in London and Spain, incorporating them into videos, and releasing compilations of new songs and remixes.

BBE is uploading tracks from many of their new releases and back-catalogue to ccMixter.

Soon BBE will be releasing the One Self project, where the whole world is welcome to come and work on an album.

We’ll be getting things started with a few accapellas and beats and we’ll just see where it takes us. We’re going to record wherever we go and upload to the site and hand it over to you and see what collaborations emerge.

Sound like fun!