Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of a value bundle which contains 4 sound libraries with 1.6GB of content at a 20% discount.

BC Bundle 06 comprises:

  • Detonation – Explosion Sound Effects: Destructive detonations, deflagrations, bomb and mortar sounds, outdoors/urban explosions, energetic blasts, debris and impacts, grenade launcher, explosive charge, cartridge case handling and more.
  • Building Collapse Sound Effects: A vast selection of meticulously edited, layered and designed debris and destruction sounds.
  • Broken Glass Sound Effects: Hyper-detailed glass breaking, shattering and falling, meticulously recorded and designed.
  • Tank – Explosion Sound Effects: Wide range of loud explosions, distant blasts, military tank firing and reloading, mechanical parts, incoming artillery shells, debris and more.

The bundle is available for 46.95 EUR. The value of all included products is 63.80 EUR.

More information: Bluezone Corporation