Beat has announced availability of the latest issue of its magazine. Beat 11/21 includes AudioThing’s Flip EQ easy-to-use tilting EQ plugin with mid/side mode, a $19 USD value.

Beat issue #190 brings you 100 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews and scene buzz for producers as well as 11 GB of sound and software.

This month’s free software highlight AudioThing – Flip EQ offers an equalizer for quick timbre adjustments, impressive stereo effects and a filter section, as well as smart M/S options. Your new Jack of all trades! Furthermore you’ll get 70 patches for Techno, Trap, Chill & Soundtracks with the new LAYERZ expansion for Zampler & MPCs.

The magazine is available for purchase at Plugin Boutique for $6 USD, or as a subscription at Plugs & Samples.