Beat Magazine’s issue #186 features IK Multimedia’s J-60 synthesizer and the TH-U Beat amp modeler from Overloud.

Fat synth, fat filters, fat sound. Nevertheless, the J-60 is not just a clone of the analogue classic Roland Juno-60, but has the original, in addition to the numerous filter models and a powerful sequencer, with which the finest grooves can be conjured.

With TH-U Beat, Overloud has created an exclusive version of the modular studio for guitar and bass sounds for Beat readers. The plug-in comes up with excellent sounding Amps and matching Cabinets, Overdrive, Chorus, Delay and Reverb pedals, as well as an EQ. This means that it plays to its strengths not only on string instruments, but also on synths, drums and vocals. Thanks to the Splitter Module, even multi-band effects can be realized.

Beat #186 also includes Voices From The Dark for Zampler & MPCs, a 3.2 GB collection of dark spheres and whispering voices. The latest edition of the magazine features 116 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews and scene buzz for producers as well as 26 GB of sound and software.

Issue 07/2021 is available for 4.99 EUR as single PDF issue or as subscription. Yearly subscribers at Plugins-Samples get access to 90+ back issues of Beat Magazine, including all the software highlights (while stocks last).