Beat has launched Beat DRMR, a free drum instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

The plugin offers a collection of 178 drum kits for Electro, Techno, Detroit, Minimal, Acid and other styles that need punchy drums. It also includes a mixer with individual controls for volume, pan, attack and decay for each pad, as well as a room reverb, filter, and LFO for pitch modulation.


The pack includes a total 2.136 sounds, the sources include AirBase, Analog Rytm, Dreadbox, DrumBrute, a huge modular system and other fancy sources.

Beat DRMR includes the following kits:

  • 10 AirBase 99 kits.
  • 13 Analog Rytm kits.
  • 16 Defeated drum kits.
  • 8 DrumBrute kits.
  • 16 Hybrid kits.
  • 10 Lectro kits.
  • 19 Modular drum kits.
  • 15 Synthetic kits.
  • 16 TR-909 kits.
  • 8 Kits taken from Its Drums.
  • 26 Bonus percussion kits.
  • 11 selected synth kits (Blofeld, Dreadbox, Monark, Nova and others).

The plugin is a free download from KVR Audio as part of the Developer Challenge 2018.

More information: Beat