Beat Kangz releases Beat Thang Virtual

Beat Kangz Beat Thang Virtual

Beat Kangz has announced the release of the Beat Thang Virtual, a virtual production system for Windows and Mac.

Renowned for the history-making sound design of Zoom’s SB-246 Streetboxx™, the Beat Kangz have established an independent music technology start up that is proud to continue the time-honored tradition of American innovation and entrepreneurship. Flexible, functional, and user-friendly, THE BEAT THANG integrates pre-loaded sounds, sampling, and waveform editing in a portable, stylish and yes, even customizable, beat machine. The Kangz have stuffed hundreds of sounds and production-ready beats, patterns and loops into THE BEAT THANG VIRTUAL.

THE BEAT THANG VIRTUAL truly moves beat making deep into the stratosphere with real bass, live strings, striking synths, Latin and African percussion, crunchy electric guitar, and startling sound effects.

Beat Thang Virtual features

  • One octave pad layout with 8 banks so you can bang out beats or play the keys.
  • 16 tracks so you can create patterns that can be performed and remixed on the fly.
  • 16 layers of velocity sensitivity for emotive performance.
  • High Quality Sampler & waveform editing. Sample your own sounds using your computer’s built in mic or line input.
  • Edit sample start and end times. Process samples using features like normalize, reverse and resample.
  • Easy to use Realtime Sequencer. Create patterns in real time using quantize, swing, individual bar lengths, tap tempo then string them together in SONG mode.
  • Mixer with built in FX Change track, pad and pan levels.
  • Add 24bit reverb, delay, flange, phaser, pitch shift, old record and many more.
  • Add BANG with onboard mastering.
  • Export your songs as .wav files or save them to your Beat Kangz Playa Thang equipped iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Connects seamless with Beat Thang Hardware.

Beat Thang Virtual is available for the introductory price of $149 USD.

Grab your copy of the Beat Thang Virtual today and receive a $149-OFF coupon emailed to you good towards the purchase of a Beat Thang hardware beat machine (which will ship beginning October ’09)

More information: Beat Kangz

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Sick!!!! I want one! I been waiting on this.

Young Dro
Young Dro

This is gonna kill som’n….. Looks easy to work.
I gotta try this out. I wonder can it run on my netbook


Why am I still smelling vaporware on the hw-unit…? Soft release to buy some more time?


this site is raw wit it……always wanted to do something like htis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat Kangz Beat Thang
Beat Kangz Beat Thang

This joint is crazy, straight up…I’ve been telling everyone I can about it.

Yeah…I’m a fanboy, created my own site about it, but people are loving the info.

I’ve had the software for a few weeks, and though there are still some kinks to be worked out ( it’s version 1) They updates and features they are bringing is going to make it a serious application for music production.

I love the thing…or…”thang” it’s fun.